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Air Source Filter manufacturers

Posté : 30 juil. 2019 10:12
par astao50
A gas source processor is a component that does work through the pressure or the force generated by the expansion of a gas, which converts the elastic energy of compressed air into kinetic energy. It includes air filter, pressure regulating valve, oil mist device and so on. The startup products are widely used in automatic production of metallurgical electromechanical, construction, transportation equipment, household appliances, light industry, machine tools, medical treatment, packaging and other industries. But because cannot directly by using compressed air to clear the air compressors, compressed air contains a certain amount of water, oil and dirt, after compressed air temperature as high as about 140-170 ℃, part of the water and oil has become a gas. Therefore, it is necessary to use purified compressed air to run the mechanical equipment.
Product advantage editing
1. Simple structure, light weight, simple installation and maintenance of air source processor.Medium for air, compared with the hydraulic medium is not easy to burn, so it is safe to use.
2. Working medium is inexhaustible air, air itself does not cost money. Exhaust treatment is simple, does not pollute the environment, low cost.
3. The adjustment of output force and working speed is very easy. The speed of the cylinder is generally less than 1M/S, which is faster than the speed of hydraulic and electrical mode.
4. High reliability and long service life. The effective movement of electrical components is about one million times, and the life of the general solenoid valve is more than 30 million times, some good quality valve more than 200 million times.
5. Use the compressibility of air to store energy and realize centralized gas supply. Energy can be released in a short time to obtain high speed response in intermittent motion. Caching can be implemented. Strong adaptability to shock load and overload.Under certain conditions, the pneumatic device can be self-sustaining.
6. Pneumatic control with fire, explosion proof, moisture-proof ability. Compared with hydraulic mode, pneumatic mode can be used in high temperature occasions.
7. Because of the small loss of air flow, compressed air can be centralized supply, long-distance transport. Air Source Filter manufacturers